Whispers from the Alley


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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the unknown? As secret agents with a knack for unraveling occult conspiracies, your team specializes in solving cases that involve missing children, confronting vampires, befriending werewolves, and even dealing with ancient alien horrors from the abyss.

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he shadow-laden streets of Eldritch, a city perpetually wrapped in a shroud of mist and mystery, you’re the hard-boiled gumshoes taking on a case that plunges them into the heart of darkness. This city’s caught in a perpetual dance between neon-lit streets and foreboding alleyways, concealing secrets that stir unease even in the most seasoned detectives.

The adventure begins when a cryptic message, scrawled on a torn piece of paper, reaches your desk. Whispers from the alley speak of otherworldly occurrences—supernatural forces lurking beneath the surface of the city’s criminal underbelly. As the agents to chase down leads, you uncover a web of arcane conspiracies, hidden cults, and super natural horrors threatening to spill into the streets.

You’ll need to navigate the twisted back alleys of Eldritch, interrogating shady informants, decode cryptic symbols, and confront the eerie denizens that dwell in the city’s darkest corners. Along the way, you’ll encounter femme fatales with a penchant for the occult, corrupt officials entwined with dark forces, and enigmatic figures who seem to exist on the periphery of reality.

As you piece together the puzzle, you’ll face moral dilemmas, unearth long-buried sins, and confront your own dark pasts. “Whispers from the Alley” is a neo-noir journey that blends hard-boiled detective drama with Lovecraftian horror, challenging the party to unravel the threads of the supernatural that weave through Eldritch’s mean streets. Will you emerge from the shadows with the truth, or become entangled in a web of cosmic horrors that defy comprehension? The answers lie in the alleys, where the whispers grow louder with each step into the unknown.



Highlights from Whispers from the Alley

  • Quick and Easy rules for Sanity & Phobias
  • 14 Player Feats
  • 4 New Monsters
  • 1 Monster Template that can be added to new or existing NPC’s
  • 7 Optional yet immersive player handouts
  • 1 Stupid rule system for the satirical in-game game, “Crypts and Kobolds” by Jerry Jaryncs
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Dimensions 4 × 1.4 × 1 cm

Softcover + PDF, PDF Only


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