The Social Contract


During your session zero, start off by setting expectations and precedents for both your players and your behavior at the table, through the session, and during each game. Talk about everything, and how you’ll handle conflict. This is the Social Contract that I revise every time I start a new game, and I make sure every one of my players has a copy of it.

Product information

At Epic Table Games, we understand that memorable adventures are built on a strong foundation of communication, respect, and shared expectations. That’s why we present to you our Social Contract – the ultimate tool to shape unforgettable tabletop experiences.

Heroes get remembered, but legends use a social contract. Embark on your gaming journeys equipped with a comprehensive agreement that covers every facet of your gaming sessions. From table etiquette and attendance to game rules, player safety, and more, our Social Contract ensures a harmonious and immersive gaming environment for all.

Crafted with care and designed to foster a positive gaming community, our Social Contract encourages open discussions, sets clear boundaries, and promotes inclusive gameplay. It lays the groundwork for mutual understanding, enabling players to fully engage, create epic stories, and leave a lasting legacy.

With our Social Contract, you can establish a collaborative space where every participant’s voice is heard, where triggers are respected, and where everyone can enjoy the game in comfort and safety. Embrace the power of communication and embark on an extraordinary adventure that transcends the tabletop.

Heroes rise and fall, but legends are forged through shared agreements. Join the ranks of gaming legends and elevate your tabletop experiences with the Epic Table Games Social Contract. Unleash your imagination, create memories, and become part of an epic legacy!

Remember, at Epic Table Games, heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Start your journey today and build a gaming legacy that will be cherished for years to come.


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