Mike Taylor(Lyfe)

My name is Mike TaylorLyfe, a retired Army veteran with 22 years of service under my belt, and 6 combat tours (60+ months in combat). When I retired, I was given 100% Permanent disability as well, I won’t bore you with the laundry list of things that are wrong with me. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and three tech
certifications, I’ve embarked on a journey of continuous learning, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

While I may have hung up my military boots, my passion for leadership and entrepreneurship led me to establish several successful businesses. Currently, I proudly hold the title of CEO at TaylorLyfe Digital Marketing, a venture I founded through self taught skills and adaptability. With that, we have been focusing more on working with more creators and clients from the geek culture and community.

My journey from Army life to being a supportive husband and stay-at-home soccer dad for my four kids and wife has been very fulfilling, and along the way, I’ve delved back into my nerdy side with a penchant for all things Geek Culture/Comic Books/Gaming Table Top and Video Games/Horror & Sci-Fi/Dungeons & Dragons. TTRPGs were a huge part of my childhood with my dad and younger brother constantly playing games together, our favorite being HeroQuest.

I write part-time for D&D on the DM Guild, and I started my gaming company brand line “Chaotic Chronicles” which has grown to now a graphics designer, content editor, senior writer, junior writer, adventure writer, lead playtester, balance specialist, lore & history writer, a cartographer and now our own published poet/storyteller/Bard. Along with that, we are also forming our own official playtest team for the label.

I am one of the head writers for the new mobile GPS video game LootQuest, and I am also one of the hosts of a radio/Podcast show “SideQuest!”. With all of that, I created a team of 130+ amazing content creators (Authors, Artists, Podcast/YouTube hosts, Poets, Designers, etc.) that’s sole purpose is to help each other. I am sure I am leaving something out as well. lol

I also joined the nonprofit Aerial Recovery to put my skills to good use in Humanitarian, and natural disaster recovery but mainly focus on anti-child sex trafficking rescue (think of the movie Sound of Freedom). I also have some amazing coaches, friends, and Mentors, (you can Google them) they are so out of my league. Lol

  • Britnie Faith Turner
  • Jeremy Alexander Newsome
  • Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
  • Chaplin Justin Campbell (Aerials Lead Chaplin)
  • Nick Nanton

They have taught me so much so I am trying to share and grow this community and
network as well.