This document outlines Epic Table Games’ commitment to responsible AI integration, ethical content creation, and future innovations. Our dedication to transparency, artistic integrity, and fostering creativity defines our approach to AI technology.

1. Transparent AI Integration:

Epic Table Games employs AI in diverse aspects of content creation, including character development, narrative prompts, and artwork generation. By embracing AI, we elevate the potential for imaginative storytelling and immersive experiences.

2. Enhancing Creativity – Real-Life Examples:

Our adventures, such as “Legend of the Pharaoh King,” “The Labyrinth of Shadow,” and “The Lost Libraries of Tymbaria,” exemplify how AI enhances creativity. Predictive text used to develop character tones and AI-generated artwork served as the foundation, which our team meticulously curated in Photoshop to align with our thematic and stylistic preferences.

3. Artist Collaboration and Financial Transition:

As sales revenue grows, Epic Table Games plans to transition to a more traditional artistic framework. This involves collaborating with chosen artists to design cover images and gradually updating older titles, shifting from AI-generated art to bespoke pieces. This process ensures consistent branding and a seamless blend of traditional and AI-augmented creativity.

4. Maintaining Artistic Integrity:

AI-generated content undergoes rigorous review to maintain our artistic standards. Using reverse image searches and plagiarism software, we ensure minimal repetition or familiarity with existing content. This diligence preserves the uniqueness of our creations while incorporating AI’s creative boost.

5. Partner Policies and Transparency:

We actively monitor partner policies, notably platforms like DriveThruRPG and Kickstarter. Our compliance includes clear categorization and labeling of AI-generated content, aligning with partner requirements. By staying informed and responsive, we contribute to a transparent and trustworthy AI usage environment.

6. Future Initiatives and Innovation:

Epic Table Games embraces the dynamic AI landscape. Our commitment extends beyond the present, and we continually explore opportunities for innovation. As a full-scale operation emerges, we’ll gradually transition from AI generative content to an initial conceptual stage, fostering an environment that nurtures diverse creative possibilities.


This AI Usage and Policy document encapsulates Epic Table Games’ holistic approach to AI integration. We invite stakeholders to join us on a journey where AI-driven enhancement and tradition harmoniously coexist, shaping the future of content creation.

– The Epic Table Games Team